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Full Mouth Dentures

Providing Full-Mouth Denture Solutions in Plymouth

Rizkalla Dental Associates is committed to offering reliable full-mouth denture solutions. We understand the profound impact a complete, functional smile can have on your life, and we value the opportunity to help you get back to good oral health. Our team, led by Dr. Karim Rizkalla and Dr. Makram Youssef, has extensive experience providing tailored full-mouth denture treatments in Plymouth.

We always focus on compassion and understanding and will never judge, regardless of the state of your oral health. We treat each patient like family and dedicate the time needed to ensure our treatments and consultations aren't rushed. We can cover all your needs, from full mouth extractions to immediate dentures and traditional to innovative fixed denture solutions. Contact us today and find out if our Plymouth full-mouth dentures are right for you!


What Are Full-Mouth Dentures?

Full-mouth dentures are a well-established solution for extensive tooth loss that can replace an entire arch of teeth. These prosthetics are made up of a pink acrylic base that mimics the appearance of your gums and durable prosthetic teeth, usually made from materials like porcelain that look and feel natural.

Traditional and full-mouth implant dentures are ideal for those who've lost most or all of their teeth due to decay or trauma. Traditional dentures use a well-contoured fit to produce suction with your gums that keeps them in place, while implant dentures are anchored by dental implant posts. Our full-mouth and implant dentures are expertly crafted at a trusted local lab and provide a comfortable fit and feel natural. Our team uses advanced technology, including the innovative Hybridge® dental implant system, and our extensive experience to deliver dentures that restore your ability to chew and speak comfortably.

Tailored Full-Mouth Traditional & Implant Denture Solutions

Our whole-mouth denture procedures are comprehensive and always focused on your specific needs. As soon as you step into our Plymouth practice, you'll feel welcomed and know you're in capable hands. While everyone's treatment process is different, in general, this is what it can look like:

  1. Consultation and Planning: Treatment begins with a detailed examination of your dental structure and lifestyle needs. During this consultation, we'll help you decide whether full-mouth dentures suit you.
  2. Full Mouth Extractions & Immediate Dentures: If you need extractions, we can provide them. After tooth removal, we may offer immediate dentures with our TeethXpress® options, so you don't have to go without teeth while you recover.
  3. Customization: We'll use advanced imaging technology and discuss every aspect of your denture with you, finding a look and feel that works for your lifestyle needs.
  4. Final Fitting: Post-healing, we fine-tune your dentures for the perfect fit.
  5. Ongoing Care: We're here for relines, adjustments, and repairs, accommodating the natural changes in your mouth over time.

The Aesthetic and Functional Benefits of Dentures

Losing teeth can be a deeply personal and sensitive issue. At Rizkalla Dental Associates, we understand this and dedicate ourselves to helping you regain a beautiful smile. Our well-designed dentures do more than replace teeth; they support facial contours and promote jawbone health. We'll take the time to talk to you about how your quality of life can improve with dentures from a functional standpoint as well. Some of these benefits include easier chewing and speaking, as well as improvements in your overall oral health.

South Boston Whole-Mouth Dentures FAQs

Choosing Rizkalla Dental Associates for your full-mouth denture needs means you're in good hands, and we know you might have questions. Our team is always ready to provide clarity and reassurance and works to get you the answers you need promptly. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about full-mouth dentures:

What denture options do you offer?

We offer a wide range of denture options and work closely with you to find the right fit. Our options include traditional dentures and implant-supported fixed dentures using the Hybridge dental implant system. Each type offers different benefits, and we'll talk to you about how our options can fit into your lifestyle.

Changes in your gumline over time can affect the fit of your dentures. Our team is skilled in relining, which involves adjusting the base of your denture to ensure a snug, comfortable fit against your gums.

Right after getting your dentures, opt for softer foods and gradually reintroduce harder or stickier foods as you adjust to your dentures. Be mindful of extremely hot or hard foods to avoid potential damage to the dentures or discomfort.

With proper care and regular check-ups, full-mouth implant dentures can last many years. However, natural changes in your mouth may necessitate adjustments or replacements to maintain fit and functionality. While the denture may need replacing, your dental implant posts are designed to be a permanent part of your smile.

Skilled Full Mouth Implant & Traditional Dentures in Plymouth

At Rizkalla Dental Associates, we blend experience, skill, and genuine compassion for our patients to provide top-notch full-mouth denture services and maintenance. We dedicate ourselves to making your journey to a better smile seamless and comfortable. Our friendly team will be there for you every step, from our welcoming reception staff to our skilled dental team, and you can rest assured we'll treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. Contact us to discover how our Plymouth full-mouth denture options can improve your quality of life.