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Root Canal Treatment in Plymouth

There is a negative stigma surrounding root canal therapy, causing many people to feel anxious when they are told they must undergo the procedure. At Rizkalla Dental Associates, we do everything we can to make sure patients are comfortable and able to relax, even when needing these anxiety-spiking treatments. With their gentle touch and calming demeanors, our Plymouth dental team works with you to make sure you can relax and have a pain-free experience when receiving root canal therapy.

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Why Would I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Underneath the dental enamel is the pulp, a compilation of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. The spread of tooth decay is the leading cause of why people require root canal therapy. The acid bacteria secrete eats away at the enamel and give access to the harmful microbes to reach the inner structures of the tooth.

When the pulp becomes compromised, signs of its infection may begin to develop such as inflammation and bleeding of the gums when brushing or flossing, constant toothache, and a sensitivity to temperatures.

At Rizkalla Dental Associates we make every effort to keep your smile as natural as possible. This is why we provide root canal treatment, to make sure extraction is not necessary.

Root Canal Therapy in Plymouth

Before undergoing the root canal procedure at Rizkalla dental, our dental professionals make sure to go through each step of the treatment process with you. This is to give you the opportunity to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have. We then take a digital scan of your dental anatomy to gain the specifications needed to craft your custom crown.

During root canal treatment, our dentist gains access to the inner structures of the tooth through the top of the crown. Then one of our experienced dentists removes the infected pulp and sterilizes the tooth’s canal. Gutta-percha, a composite resin material, is then used to seal fill the tooth and protect the inner structures of bacterial invasion. A crown is placed atop of the natural tooth to protect the dental structure and restore function.

Our Plymouth practice offers same-day crowns, meaning you may leave your appointment with your permanent restoration with no need for a temporary.

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Ask us anything about root canal treatment! Our team is happy to help you or your loved one overcome any anxiety you may feel about this tooth saving procedure. At Rizkalla Dental Associates, we provide root canal therapy to preserve the natural smiles of our patients. 

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